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Prison Song movie review & film summary (2001)

 Prison Song is a 2001 dramatization movie starring the rap musician Qtip.Prison Song complies with the life of an African American young people called Elijah that obtains sent out to prison throughout his life.He wases initially sent out to prison as a 10 years of age boy when he and his friend were having fun and radiating a laser pen at authorities.It versus the legislation to do this.Despite unknowning what they did was versus the legislation,both boys are sent out to prison.Elijah's mom becomes outraged and finishes up assaulting a policeman. She is sent out to a psychological organization because of this.Elijah is a able to leave prison very early.However,his mom remains in a psychological organization.Because of this,he is sent out to live in a foster home.When Elijah enters his teenagers,he is planning to visit art university.

However,because of an unusual monetary problem,his financial assistance money is drawn from him.Upset about thesituation,he finishes up combating a participant of his foster family on a bus in a conflict.This outcomes in Elijah knocking the man on train rails which french fries him and eliminates him.For this act,he is punished to prison for murder despite being a mishap.He will not be qualified for parole until 13 years later on.In prison he meets up with his old friend which he hung out with as a child.This makes his prison life a bit more tolerable since he has a buddy he can socialize with.However,Elijah still has a problem changing to prison life.He is upset because he has no contact with women since he is a prison with men constantly.He also dislikes doing the same regimens in prison over and over again and is unpleasant being about potential murders in prison.Despite feeling by doing this,he discovers tranquility in obtaining his GED education and learning in prison.

Hisinstructor allows him to do art work handling themes being taught in the course since he is a great musician.To have the ability to afford the products he needs he obtains a task through the prison doing building work.However,he does not make a great deal of money.In addition to all that,eventually,the building finishes up being poisoned.Despite this,the proprietor of the prison system makes the detainees go there to work to avoid shedding money.This outcomes in a great deal of the prison employees taking place a riot,ruining components of the building website.This finishes up having actually unfavorable repercussions to detainees.They have a great deal of their entertainment equipment removed such as weights.Later on,besides of this occurs,Elijah attempts to put with each other a strategy so he and several various other inmates can escape prison.The plan works out.However,Elijah's friend from youth finishes up being seriously injured.He mosts likely to conserve his friend but finishes up being

far too late because his friend passes away while he is close to.When he returns to escape,the

various other prison participants have currently escaped and he obtains secured behind entrances of a prison.An authorities guy notifications he attempted to escape and grabs him.Elijah attempts to withstand and after that he obtains fired by various other policeman and passes away.

Prison Song was an extremely fantastic movie.It's a provoking discourse about the prison system and the psychological impacts it can carry young black men.Remaining in prison has deep psychological impacts on Elijah in the movie..For instance,he really feels very hazardous because he is about a great deal of bad guys that could be possibly bloodthirsty.He also really feels torn from reality and stuck inside a cage such as a pet.He is also mentally scarred when his youth friend begins to have homosexual propensities on him in the movie.The movie also shows that prison systems can be corrupt.Elijah obtains sent out toprison as a young boy for radiating a laser pen at a policeman.Elijah didn't know what he was doing was incorrect and it was an extremely small violation.

He could have obtained a cautioning rather than being sent out to an adolescent prison system.Another event of corrupt prison systems is when Elijah and many various other detainees are forced to operate in a poisoned building website so the prison will not shed money.In addition to all this,when detainees revolt because of this inhumane act,they obtain a great deal of their recreational benefits in prison removed.The movie also appears to be a discourse on how some detainees are not truly inhumane monsters but have sensations,wishes and dreams.One prisoner with Elijah was actually a social activist and obtained apprehended throughout a riot.Elijah himself was a skilled musician that had a mild personality.He was sent out to prison because he was criticized when another guy obtained eliminated.

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