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U-571 is a unique battle movie that places you

Set in 1942, this imaginary tale has to do with a group of heroic Americans that start a top-secret objective to jump on board a German U-boat and catch their interaction device so they may learn of their trick coding system. At the same time, they gain the use of the U-boat, U-571, and must perform their objective while needing to guide cleer of their German opponents lurking in aggressive waters.

Movie Review

U-571 is a unique battle movie that places you, the viewer, inside the deliver with the team as they face the dangers of deepness battery chargers, torpedoes, in an international vehicle they must learn how to pilot.

But of course, unless it is Plaything Tale 2, it needs to be picked apart. U-571 is so great, I want to give it 3 and a fifty percent celebrities, but it is too fierce and has too a lot cursing to obtain such a score as 3 and a fifty percent. However, it'd be incorrect to give it much less compared to 3. With strong acting, a grasping plot owned by thriller, and tense activity sequences, U-571 sucks you in for a fast hr and 45 mins.

The film's physical violence is very high. One of the most physical violence occurs when they take the German U-boat. Gatling gun blare from both sides and although the outcomes are not very visuals, it is a hell of a great deal of shooting. Just one or two times do we see quickly bloody injuries on the opponent. For more information on the blood/gore, see listed below. It was pretty toned down, but could have been toned down much more. Sex-related content is limited to 2 or 3 incredibly small recommendations. And cursing could be even worse, but the degree is 14 each of "G-d*mn" and the "s" word, with several various other cusses used. Although I found most of the over material annoying, it didn't totally hurt the movie. However, I'd have a lot preferred it without the cursing and excessive physical violence.

Anybody looking for a really accurate historic battle flick or a movie that will obtain your psychological juices streaming, you are ensured to be disappointed. But if you want to seem like you simply tipped off "The Laser" roller coaster, do not hesitate shelling out the $7 dollars to see this.

In recap, the movie was excellent. I was on the brink of my seat from beginning to finish. It is not for everybody, however. The fierce content makes it definitely not a youngsters movie. If it was much less fierce and had much less cursing, I'd give it a greater score, but I still need to give the nail-biting U-571 a 4 from 5.

- John DiBiase (evaluated: 4/22/00)

Adult Guide: Content Recap

. Sex/Nudity: Limited to merely 3 small recommendations.

. Vulgarity/Language: 14 "s" words, 14 "g*dd*mn," 12 "h*ll," 4 "d*mn," 4 S.O.B.s, 1 "t*t," 2 "a" words (1 in subtitles), 2 cr*ps (1 "cr*pping" in subtitles), 1 "b*stard," "J-sus," "J-sus H. Chr-st," 1 "For Chr-st's benefit," 1 "Mary, mom of G-d"

. Alcohol/Medications: Some individuals have beverages at a party.

. Blood/Gore: There are several non-bloody dead individuals in a submarine. Some dead seafarers have some blood on their clothes. We see some blood on a man's mouth after he's been fired (not in the mouth). We see that a man's face is shed/melted. A guy has blood on his face after being kicked in the face. 2 guys struggle, among their t-tee t shirts is pretty bloody after being fired while the various other guy has some blood on him as well as in his mouth. We see a non-graphic dead body drifting to the water's surface. Through the course of the movie, some of the guys aboard the below gather reduces and swellings.

. Physical violence: Many explosions, shootings, individuals being punched, kicked, and fired up

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