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The personality played by Sandra Bullock in 28 Days

Every intoxicated thinks about himself an unique situation, unique, an exemption to the rules. Strange, since for the exercising alcoholic, everyday life is mainly unchanging, an effort to negotiate everyday obligations while drinking enough but not too a lot. When this attempt stops working, as it often does, it outcomes in occasions that the intoxicated believes make him colorful. Real variety comes just with sobriety. Plus, currently he can remember it.

This is the lesson learned by Gwen Cummings, the personality played by Sandra Bullock in "28 Days." As the tale opens up, her life is either wild and insane or confused and unfortunate, depending upon where you stand. She celebrations all evening with her sweetheart Jasper (Dominic West). After the clubs, the beverages, the developer medications, they begin what may end up being sex, if they can stay awake enough time. After that a candle light starts a terminate, which they snuff out with sparkling wine. What a sphere.

In the early morning, Gwen's day starts with a pass at the fridge so smooth and exercised she hardly appears to also open up it while drawing out a chilly beer. Gwen is a mishap waiting to happen--to herself or innocent onlookers. Her sufferer is her sibling Lily (Elizabeth Perkins). "Gwen, you make it difficult to love you," Lily says when she shows up late at the church for Lily's wedding. At the function, Gwen provides an disparaging salute, knocks over the cake while dance, steals a limo to go buy another cake and accidents it right into a house. Not a great day.

Cut to Serenity Glen, where Gwen is punished to 28 days of rehabilitation in lieu of prison time. The PA system makes a operating discourse from "MASH"-style statements. The clients do a great deal of peppy team singing (too a lot, if you ask me). "I do not have a health issue," Gwen protests. "I play Supreme Frisbee two times a week." The clients consist of the usual cuckoo's nest of colorful personalities, although they're a bit more possible compared to in most inmate populaces. We satisfy Daniel (Reni Santoni), a physician that pumped his own stomach to control his drinking and end up giving himself an emergency situation tracheotomy. Gerhardt (Alan Tudyk), prissy and critical, a professional dancer and coke addict. And Andrea (Azura Skye), Gwen's teen roommate.

Gwen's therapist is Cornell, played by Steve Buscemi, that influences a grin when we see him in a movie because he's usually great for unusual scenes and discussion. Not this time; he plays the role straight, exposing strength and a specific weary experience, as if all Gwen's treasured kookiness is for him an extremely, older joke. There is a nice scene where she says exactly the incorrect points to him before finding he's her therapist.

Another other client is Eddie Boone (Viggo Mortensen), a baseball bottle with a drug abuse problem. Of course they start a tentative, unstated courtship. Jasper, on weekend break visits, misunderstands ("Where are all the stars?" he asks on his first arrival, taking a look around for Elizabeth Taylor). Of course there's a battle. This subplot is foreseeable, but made perceptive because Gwen and Eddie show the lifeboat mindset where seafarers on the deliver of rehabilitation have just each various other to cling to.

The movie was written by Susannah Grant, that also composed Julia Roberts' hit movie "Erin Brockovich." I differed with "Erin" for the same factor I such as "28 Days": the tone of the main personality. I found that Roberts, tremendously pleasant although she is, upstaged the material in "Erin Brockovich" by unwise outfit choices and scenes that were too certainly intended as showcases. Bullock brings a type of ground-level susceptability to "28 Days" that does not make her right into a sufferer but simply right into another appropriate situation for therapy. Bullock, such as Roberts, is pleasant, but in "28 Days" at the very least that is not the point.

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