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"The Perfect Storm 2000" Movie Review

 A real tale about a team of team of angler that were short on money, and headed out for another rounded of capture, determined to earn it great in 1991. On their back, 3 storm fronts collided to produce what is known as "the perfect storm." Their deliver, the Andrea Gail, got on an accident course for the storm of a life time.

Movie Review

The very first time I listened to about The Perfect Storm, I was stired to see it. After that, as it obtained nearer to its launch, I listened to it had not been too great from prescreenings. So, by the time it launched, I had needed some persuasion to see it. I did (hence this review), and I have mixed sensations about it. Up until now, it is been about 3 days since I've seen it, and it is stuck to me. The personalities were great, the tale readied, the acting readied. All that was an and also. However, the language was bad, the sex-related recommendations were a damper, and being in the second paddle because we obtained there late was a drag, too.

Since I've seen it, I want to such as this movie. I do. But I'd feel guilty truly liking it. See, the problem, besides what I simply specified, is the content. You have this "based upon a real tale" tale about fishermen and a truly cool storm. You have incredible impacts, and a grasping climax. But your content's all out-of-whack. Was it truly necessary for Clooney to yell the "f" word throughout a disagreement to emphasize. Um... highly not likely. It is the just one in the movie, and it is so

pronounced that it truly sheds my biscuits. Does the word "omit" imply anything to the editors and supervisor?

Keeping that apart, I was annoyed by the visibility of sex-related material-- mainly found in the beginning of the movie. Remarks about a pair going upstairs in a bar and "production the ceiling tremble" to actually seeing the lights in the bar tremble with the customers applauding. Necessary for a 'great American tale.' Heh, no. Also, Note "Boogie Evenings" Wahlberg's personality has a sweetheart which he lives with and sleeps with, but isn't married to. And this is made very obvious, not hinted, in several scenes. And, a personality (Bugsy), that you type of want to such as, makes it hard when his main objective while he's in a bar is to find... someone to copulate.

So some of you're thinking, "Great gosh! Exist ANY redeemable high top qualities about this movie?!" or something such as that... The answer is... um... yes, if you can "appearance previous" the some spread debri. There's recommendation to petition at the finish, as well as a church solution. The tale readies, impacts ready, and so on. I'm mainly stressing the bad stuff because it makes me crazy they needed to consist of such drivel. The fierce content had not been regrettable. However, we do see Mr. Wahlberg's personality obtain a cut on his leg from a shark, and even worse yet, we see a fish hook impale [the character] Murphy's hand and draw him off the watercraft right into the sprinkle and be dragged by it. Later on, we see it in his hand as Clooney's personality eliminates it.

In recap, the movie readied. Such as I said, I want to such as this movie, but I am truly disappointed with some of the content-- the cursing, the sensuality, and the hook scene. It is a 3 celebrity movie, perhaps even 3 and a fifty percent, but the unneeded content drops my score to obtain my 2 and a fifty percent from 5 (I could not give it any lower).

Adult Guide: Content Recap

. Sex/Nudity: In the beginning, recommendations are made to a pair making love upstairs in a bar and production the lights and ceiling tremble, after that we see this occur, but not the real sex-related act. Bugsy attempts to get a lady with the main intent of copulating her. Component of Murphy's bare butt is seen when he obtains a fired.

. Vulgarity/Language: 1 "f" word, 12 "s" words, 14 "g*dd*mn" (one written), 2 "a-h*le," 9 "a" words, 11 "h*ll," 3 "cr*p," 2 "d*mn," 2 S.O.B.s, 4 "J-sus," 2 "For Chr-st's benefit," 3 "Oh my G-d," 2 "For G-d's benefit," 2 "Oh G-d," 1 "Lord"

. Alcohol/Medications: Great deals of cigarette smoking cigarettes, individuals drinking in a bar.

. Blood/Gore: After a shark seizes Bobby's leg, Billy shoots the shark, leading to a bloody opening in the shark's


. Bobby's leg has a bloody cut on it from the shark. A large angling hook undergoes Murphy's hand and after that later on see it embeded his hand, and again as Billy eliminates it. We see fish being gutted and cut and such several times throughout the movie. A great deal of personalities have some bloody reduces on their faces and various other components of their bodies from remaining in the storm.

. Physical violence: Murphy and Sully fight a great deal, punching, individuals drowning, individuals being thrown about in a storm. A helicopter accidents, a watercraft sinks

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