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The Last Movie Stars is a rather exhaustive account of the pair’s careers (2022)

A party of Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward’s iconic careers and a long time-lengthy partnership. Director Ethan Hawke brings life and color to this definitive history in their love, lives, and philanthropy.

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  • I don’t understand who you are, however I pass over you anyway.”

can’t say whatever else other than I am so broken up by using this. once in a while you simply must spend six hours sitting inside the dark looking people’s love span fifty years while sobbing into several baggage of newman’s personal popcorn.

they have been the first-class to ever do it and they did it together and what extra ought to you ever want out of life than that?

  • Ethan Hawke’s The Last Movie Stars, a documentary at the lives of silver display screen legends Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward, is an adoring however now not sycophantic portrait of the space between two human beings. 
  • Newman and Woodward are allowed to narrate the events which formed their many years-lengthy marriage via intricately-weaved interviews carried out for an unreleased assignment, the recordings of which were destroyed. Hawke assembles a cast of famous figures to perform the salvaged transcripts, imbuing the piece with an intimacy that could otherwise be missing.

    Though The Last Movie Stars is a rather exhaustive account of the pair’s careers, Hawke is typically worried with the passionate but fraught relationship of his topics. As Woodward’s profession is limited by means of the archaic…

  • In the very last episode, Zoe Kazan asks Hawke what he learned about himself while making this documentary. Before revealing his solution, Hawke cuts away to interviews with Newman and Woodward’s grandsons, who share memories of love, no longer of fame. As the collection ends, Hawke’s voice reads the phrases of Tennessee Williams, “We are saved only via love.” And so it changed into for Paul and Joanne, whose body of labor is greater than simply the movies they made and awards they gained. It is the lifestyles they constructed together to be able to stay their finest legacy. I suspect it is through this lens Hawke reflected on his personal life, and this is what we’re supposed to research from his journey.
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  • What took place to us as a society where we stopped worrying about so much? Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward fucking cared: they cared approximately the audience, they cared about film & they cared approximately each different. It's for this reason The Last Movie Stars is compulsory viewing for any authentic fan of movie. And as though we didn't love Ethan Hawke enough, Hawke's route masking the existence, marriage, & careers of Newman & Woodward gives us yet another purpose to love Hawke.
  • I love Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward more than I can endure.
  • This documentary is an important for all people who loves Hollywood, who loves acting, who loves people, who loves LOVE, due to the fact Paul and Joanne are the first-class Hollywood stars, the excellent actors, the exceptional human beings, and really the first-class fanatics.

    Plus, Ethan Hawke has this sort of clear passion for all of this. I love the little bits when it cuts to him speaking to his actor buddies just going like "This is so loopy, right?!" and the other man or woman is just in awe because they failed to know a issue about any of this.

    What this doc clearly does for me is two things:

    1. It gives me a brand new,…

  • What starts offevolved as a reasonably adorable tale about two of the best-ever greats being off the charts attractive for each different quick turns into something deeper and more crucial and Ethan Hawke manages to pull it all together. There’s even a totally candy moment in which he receives some feedback that he’s certainly connected all the loose threads of each in their lives and he appears very satisfied approximately it. Stars, they’re just like us: they need validation from their bosses! 
  • It’s maybe 4% off setting that a number of this is excessive minded Gen X actory people geeking out on zoom however I’d be excited too if I got to speak about my favored issue for six hours and HBO paid…

  • It is clearly a joy to observe Ethan Hawke while he is captivated with something
  • semi long winded unhinged assessment coming thru:
  • - i really like how ethan hawke wasn’t afraid to head there, in terms of the messier extra intimate components of the affection tale and circle of relatives and lives of joanne and paul 
    - i like how plenty precise the newmans did and they didn’t do it for clout, for any financial gain, they did it because they were without a doubt right fucking humans 
    - the way the newmans loved, it became messy, it turned into tough, it was real, if whatever i am happy they have been so real and so not simply as hollywood likes to remember them as a few best couple, they had real flaws like all people else and it’s so fantastic to see in…

  • seeing this, at the same time as getting to meet ethan hawke after, understanding the quantity of love put into this, it was ideal no complaints. it was just best.
  • Last night time I met ethan hawke after this showing at film discussion board and he turned into definitely the kindest person. I advised him I turned into in movie faculty and that he simply stimulated me, specifically his work with Richard Linklater. he said exact luck and that it’s so crucial to be passionate🫶🫶🫶🫶🫶🫶🫶🫶
  • the excellent factor i’ve seen all yr!!!!!!! i really like the honesty i like seeing their craft and their love for every different/their work/their international i really like listening to laura linney and george clooney say paul and joanne’s phrases i loved seeing vincent d’onofrio explain how performing makes him sense i really like sam rockwell and ethan yelling about a great deal they love the edge i like ethan hawke and i really like love love paul and joanne.
  • Ultimately, a transferring testomony to two lives properly-lived. This does no longer imply the absence of ache, of mistakes, of complicated and contradictory feelings, however its acknowledgment, the boom through struggling and studying. Hawke suggests how Paul and Joanne did it all— they pursued their passions with all their heart, they loved each other deeply and thoughtfully, they had been charitable with those less lucky, they were endlessly curious, and they never yielded to self-enforcing limitations. This, too, is being a movie star. And Newman and Woodward certain have been film stars.
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