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Thank You Movie Review: Naga Chaitanya, Raashii Khanna movie is more such as no, thank you

Supervisor Vikram Kumar's Thank You, featuring Naga Chaitanya and Raashii Khanna, is a feel-good coming-of-age flick that talks about the importance of remaining real to one's origins. Here is our review.


  • Thank You features Naga Chaitanya and Raashii Khanna in lead functions.
  • The movie is guided by Vikram Kumar.
  • Thank You hit the theatres on July 22.

'Life is a race. Run. Run. Run,' said Infection in 3 Morons and Nanban (the Tamil variation of 3 Morons). Essentially, everybody in life has hopped on the wheel, which maintains rotating. You do not quit - or reach quit - and recall. And that is what supervisor Vikram Kumar's Thank You is all about. An effective entrepreneur, Abhiram (Naga Chaitanya), is totally consumed by himself and has a tendency not to appearance at anything else or anybody about. But, suppose he obtained a truth inspect and appearances back at his life?

Abhiram (Naga Chaitanya) has had a simple beginning tied with struggles on his way up the ladder. With his sincere initiative, he becomes an effective entrepreneur by launching a analysis application called Ydhya, with Y being shaped through a stethoscope. Yes, it is not Vaidhya. Obtain the twist?

He remains in a live-in connection with his sweetheart Priya (Raashii Khanna), that is expecting. However, she remains in splits whenever the video cam zooms right into her. The factor is obvious. It's her sweetheart. Abhi isn't the individual she fell for any longer. He has become a self-centred and arrogant human, that does not count on team effort. After listening to the information of a life-altering event, Priya fallen leaves him. It is a truth look for him. And he takes place this trip of self-introspection.

Each time when vengeance dramatization and activity thrillers are launching week after week, Thank You is a movie that attempts to put a grin on our faces. Supervisor Vikram Kumar's movies constantly have the feel-good consider them. Thank You is no exemption. The movie talks about the importance of pausing and recalling at the life we've crossed to become what we are currently. It also highlights that a simple 'thank-you' can make someone's day.

While the intention is worthy, Thank You falters in implementation. The screenplay has no ups or downs, and preserves the same speed throughout. There are not a surprise aspects either. Simply one feel-good scene piled after another. The psychological link in the second fifty percent nudges you to understanding of the personality. But, the feelings do not hit you.

Thank You takes us on a sentimental trip. We reach see Naga Chaitanya as an ignorant institution man and an upset boy in university. In every stage of his life, there is a considerable individual that instructs him a high quality that made him effective in life. When he revisits Malavika Nair (from institution) and Sai Sushanth Reddy (from college), the experience is humbling.

Naga Chaitanya has showcased a different range of feelings in Thank You. However, the institution parts appearance a bit artificial. Raashii Khanna, Malavika Nair, Avika Gor and Sai Sushanth Reddy have delivered impactful efficiencies.

PC Sreeram's cinematography is remarkable and the variants in each stage make the experience better. Thaman's score and songs aided in enhancing the feelings in Thank You.

My significant grouse with Thank You is that it's simply level. Naga Chaitanya's efficiency, however adequate in most places, remains amateurish in a couple of places. The screenplay also requires you to watch the movie without asking any questions. He becomes a big fired in the US, you need to concur. In simply an issue of a five-minutes over a tune, Naga Chaitanya huges fired. How easy? We wish it's that easy, however.

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