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Spirit Halloween: The Movie Obtains First Scary Teaser Trailer

 Strike Back Workshops has launched a teaser trailer for its Spirit Halloween Store movie, which is slated to show up October 11 as an on-demand title.

The film's synopsis is as complies with: "When a brand-new Spirit Halloween store shows up in a deserted remove shopping center, 3 middle-school friends that think they've outgrown trick-or-treating make a dare to invest the evening secured inside the store Halloween evening. But they quickly find out that the store is haunted by an upset evil spirit that has had the creepy animatronic personalities. The kids start an exhilarating and scary experience in purchase to survive the evening and avoid ending up being had themselves."

As the new teaser trailer over shows, Christopher Lloyd plays the "upset evil spirit" that has everything inside the store--making the kids' evening of enjoyable right into something a lot scarier. Lloyd's personality, Alec Windsor, seems a terrible landlord that seized on the previous property's owner--a mom that appears to "curse" him, triggering him to pass away instantly. Frightening stuff.

Lloyd's co-stars consist of Rachael Leigh Cook (Robotic Chicken), Donavan Colan (Zoe), Dylan Frankel (Raven's Home), Jaiden Smith (Blue Bloods), Marissa Reyes (Raven's Home), and Marla Gibbs (El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie). David Poag makes his directorial launching on a manuscript written by Billie Bates.

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