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Miss Congeniality 2000 movie review

Something about Sandra Bullock strikes me the proper way. She has a heat that obtains you grinning also when the material is weak--as it sometimes is, since she has uncertain good luck in choosing jobs. In "Miss Congeniality," she makes her way through a screenplay that in various other hands would certainly have been a bleak sitcom mishmash, and her presence changes it right into a much less bleak sitcom mishmash.

She has the producer's credit on the movie. That means she thought this project was a great in shape. Since the material is exhausted and routine, what was she thinking of? Perhaps she's not enthusiastic enough. Funnies will find her; she does not need to go looking for them. Celebrities with clout usually handle individual jobs to burst out of their typecasting, not to strengthen it.

In "Miss Congeniality," Bullock plays another variation of a acquainted role for her, where she starts the movie looking unglamorous and after that goes through a change. Sometimes that happens in the eye of the observer, as it performed in "While You Were Resting." This time around, it happens because of a big-time beauty transformation. She starts as an FBI representative and finishes up as a charm contest finalist, and although churls may suggest she's not persuading as a charm queen, they are not of this planet.

Before she matures to become an FBI representative, she's a tomboy that can beat up the various other kids at institution. As an representative, she clomps about looking hearty and graceless, battering on punching bags and operating traffic signals on her way to Starbucks, until she's designated to impersonate a charm pageant contestant. As an undercover representative, she can help avoid a rumored terrorist risk to the occasion.

Uh-huh. But there are some amusing scenes as Michael Caine, a disgraced but still fantastic "beauty specialist," supervises her transformation and instructs her how to dress much less such as a design for L.L. Bean campwear. I saw this movie and Mel Gibson's "What Ladies Want" within a couple of days of each various other, and in both tales the lead personalities obtain a great deal of gas mileage from their unfamiliarity with womanly beauty items. Gibson has the side on depilatories, but Bullock does a better job of not having the ability to stroll such as a lady.

The plot also involves Candice Bergen as the creator of the beauty pageant and Benjamin Bratt as Bullock's FBI companion. No rewards for determining that Bergen depends on greater than she appears, which after Bullock's transformation, the ranges fall from Bratt's eyes and he recognizes, gosh, she cleanses up real well.

Bullock's personality has a point she does where she snorts through her nose--kind of a genteel barnyard sound--and she also quits doing that after some time.

"Miss Congeniality" is safe enjoyable of a ridiculous sort. It isn't bad so long as it does not have any aspiration to be greater than it so certainly is. I grinned throughout it, and enjoyed Bullock, however I reached see it free of charge, and I'm the man that believes "Speed 2: Cruise Control" is a great movie, something not also Bullock thinks.

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