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Malena movie informs the tale of a lady whose life is ruined

Giuseppe Tornatore's "Malena" informs the tale of a lady whose life is ruined because she has the misfortune to be beautiful and have a great butt. The movie torturously attempts to change this theme in scenes of funny, fond memories and bittersweet regret, but in some way we doubt its genuineness, perhaps because the video cam remains so adoringly on the callipygian appeals of the starlet Monica Bellucci. There's keeping in mind quite so uncomfortable as a movie that's one point while it pretends to be another.

The configuration scenes resemble low-rent Fellini. In a Italian community in 1940, a team of adolescent boys waits for the beautiful Malena to go by. She is all they can imagine a lady could be, arousing their creativities, and more, with her languorous persuading flow. Malena, that is a schoolteacher and of at the very least average knowledge, must understand of her effect on the cumulative local man libido, but appears completely oblivious; her role isn't a lot remarkable as pictorial (a word I am using in the Playboy sense).

The tale is informed by Renato (Giuseppe Sulfaro), that as the movie opens up is confessed to the local fraternity of girl-watchers. They use Malena as topic for their autoerotic pastimes, however Renato, she is more such as a desire, such as a heroine, such as a lady he desires to protect from herself--with his bare hands, hopefully.

The tale involves Malena's misfortune after her hubby is contacted by the military and her great name is sullied by local gossip. She must desert her teaching job because of the unjustified scandal and eventually is decreased by wartime hardship to this day German soldiers. This descent on the planet requires her to invest a good deal of time half-dressed before Tornatore's pleased video cam. She proceeds to shine brilliantly in Renato's eyes, however, after his area of knowledge is expanded when his dad takes him to a bordello for the old "I give you the boy--give me back the guy" routine.

Fellini's movies often involve teenagers irritated by ladies that symbolize their carnal wishes. (See "Amarcord" and "8 1/2". Please.) But Fellini sees the wit that underlies sex-related fascination, other than (usually but not constantly) in the eyes of the individuals. "Malena" is an easier tale, where a boy matures transfixed by a lady and basically weds himself to the idea of her. It does not help that the movie's activity expands steadily gloomier, prominent to a public embarrassment that appears hugely from range with what has preceded and to an finishing that's intended to move us a lot more deeply, alas, compared to it can.

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