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Final Destination is a 2000 supernatural scary movie

Final Destination is a 2000 supernatural scary movie, about a team of teenagers that rip off fatality by avoiding an airplane crash when among them, has a premonition of their fatalities. Right after their escape, they start passing away one-by-one in mystical fanatic accidents. The manuscript was initially written by Jeffrey Reddick as a specification manuscript for The X-Files. Supervisor James Wong functioned as an author, producer and supervisor on that particular collection. The movie is dispersed by New Line Movie theater.

The DVD was launched on September 26, 2000. The movie was the first in the Final Destination collection, which has since produced 4 sequels and a collection of publications.

Final Destination occurs on Lengthy Island. Locations such as Jones Coastline and John F. Kennedy Worldwide Flight terminal are revealed. Nassau Region is mentioned. However, Vancouver Worldwide Flight terminal stood in for JFK.


After a teen has a frightening vision of him and his friends passing away in an airplane crash, he prevents the mishap just to have Fatality search them down, one at a time.


Alex Browning is taking place a secondary school college graduation journey to Paris with his other trainees. Before Volée Air Trip 180's liftoff, Alex has a premonition that the trip will explode in mid-air, killing everyone aboard. Alex after that discovers himself back on the airaircraft while it's still boarding. When occasions from his vision start to duplicate themselves actually, he stresses and attempts to quit the trip

before liftoff. The resulting turmoil leads to a handful of passengers being left, consisting of Alex, orphan Clear Rivers, Alex's buddy Tod Waggner, instructor Valerie Lewton, Alex's rival Carter Horton, Carter's sweetheart Terry Chaney, and trainee Billy Hitchcock. After they are all forced off the airaircraft, none of the passengers thinks that Alex's vision will come real until the airliner removes and blows up in mid-air, killing everybody that got on board. The survivors are ravaged, and 2 FBI representatives interview individuals removed the airaircraft, and are especially interested with Alex's vision.

One month later on, Tod is strangled in his shower, and his fatality is considered a self-destruction. When Alex and Clear most likely to see his body, mystical mortician William Bludworth (Tony Todd) informs them that Fatality is stepping in to eliminate everybody that was meant to pass away on the airaircraft. Terry drops sufferer the next day when she is hit by a bus. After watching a information record outlining the reason for the surge of Trip 180 Alex comes to the final thought that Fatality is killing the survivors in the purchase they would certainly have passed away in the surge on the airaircraft. He determines that Ms. Lewton is next on Death's list. He hurries to her house but shows up far too late to conserve her from being impaled in the breast with a blade.

Alex get in touches with the remaining survivors, Billy, Clear and Carter, to inform them what he believes is happening. As they are riding in Carter's car, Alex has another vision of a educate and a seat-belt tearing. Frustrated with not having actually control over his fatality, Carter attempts to own head-on right into a gas vessel but the car relatively on its own transforms and prevents the collision, Carter after that quits his car on a educate going across, wishing to eliminate himself before Fatality does. At the last minute however he changes his mind but cannot exit his car as his seat-belt is obstructed. Alex hurries to assist Carter from his car, and as he visualized, Carter's seat-belt slits and he is freed a 2nd before the educate ruins the car, thus cheating Fatality. However Billy is gruesomely decapitated from the jaw up by an item of the cars shrapnel tossed by the educate wheels.

Alex thinks that because he intervened in Carter's fatality he has conserved Carter, Fatality skipped Carter and took place to Billy. Later on he keeps in mind in his initial premonition he was asked to switch sittings on the airaircraft, and recognizes that Clear is actually the beside pass away. Alex hurries to Clear's house to find her caught in her car bordered by terminate. She is not able to escape her vehicle, which will explode, as a damaged electric cable television is precariously flipping about outside. Alex conserves her by getting the live cable television, however he is electrocuted. Clear and the authorities rush to Alex's aid as the screen discolors to white.

6 months later on, Alex, Clear, and Carter remain in Paris discussing their experience about Trip 180, and commemorating that it's around and they are finally in Paris. Soon afterwards, a fanatic event including a bus causes a huge neon sign to turn off a joint down towards Alex. Carter handles to intervene and presses Alex to the ground, with the sign swinging down previous both of them. Carter after that stands and rely on Alex that is still on the ground. Carter asks Alex that is next on Death's list. The sign after that swings pull back on its energy towards where Carter is standing and a loud whack is listened to, leaving Alex and Clear as the last 2 survivors of Trip 180.

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