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Dungeons & Dragons (2000 Film) American fable adventure movie directed with the aid of Courtney Solomon

Dungeons & Dragons is a 2000 American fable adventure movie directed with the aid of Courtney Solomon and written through Carroll Cartwright and Topper Lilien. It is based totally at the role-playing sport of the identical call. The movie follows an empress who needs to get keep of a mythical rod so that it will help her fight an evil warlock, and enlists thieves for help. Parts of the film were made on location at Sedlec Ossuary.[2]

Despite it being a box office bomb [3] and a crucial failure, a made-for-TV sequel, Wrath of the Dragon God, become released in 2005. It become not an immediate continuation of the storyline of the preceding movie, though Bruce Payne's individual, Damodar, makes a go back. A 0.33 movie, The Book of Vile Darkness, turned into shot in 2011[4] and launched direct-to-DVD inside the United Kingdom on August 9, 2012.Plot[edit]

The Empire of Izmir has lengthy been a divided land, dominated by the Mages, an elite organization of powerful warlocks. In the capital of Sumdall, an evil mage named Profion creates a magic sceptre which could permit him to control Gold dragons, but his try to manage an character fails, forcing him to kill it. As he starts offevolved to make new plans, the dragon bleeds into the close by river, inflicting it to seize fire, which many population of Sumdall note, along with a couple of teenybopper thieves, Ridley and his great pal Snails.

Later, Profion and the Council of Mages discuss the controversial perspectives of Empress Savina, who wants to give rights to non-mages in Izmir. When the Council threatens to confiscate from her the scepter that allows her to govern Gold dragons, she comes to a decision to seek the Rod of Savrille, which has the electricity to manipulate Red dragons. Profion learns of this and decides to take the Rod himself. Meanwhile, Ridley and Snails ruin into the Sumdall magic school to scouse borrow whatever they could to end up wealthy, however are observed through a younger Mage named Marina, just earlier than the library wizard is held hostage and interrogated by Profion's assistant Damodar for statistics on the map to the Rod. After the wizard refuses to talk and sends the map over to Marina, Damodar kills him, and Marina travels through a magic portal to break out, unintentionally taking the thieves together with her. After crashing into a pile of rubbish, they meet a dwarf named Elwood, who ends up joining the three's escape via the sewers.

Damodar puts a rate on Marina, Ridley, Snails and Elwood's heads and after letting Profion understand that the institution were given away with the map, Profion creates a tentacled monster internal Damodar which painfully possesses him. The group hide interior of a tavern and examine the map that Ridley and Marina get sucked into. Damodar and his minions attack Elwood and Snails, but they escape with the map. Ridley and Marina exit the map and all determine to paintings together to locate the Rod. They have to first discover a ruby known as the "Eye of the Dragon" that can open the door to a tomb containing the sceptre. The Eye is held via the thieves' guild within the metropolis of Antius, whose leader, Xilus, exhibits it to be in a maze puzzle of traps, and guarantees to provide the organization the "Eye of the Dragon" if Ridley successfully solves it, which he does. Damodar arrives to seize him and his pals. Marina is captured as a substitute even as Ridley, Snails and Elwood get away with the "Eye of the Dragon", assembly an elf named Norda who works for Empress Savina, whom she as a consequence informs about Profion's plans upon listening to them from Ridley. In his fort, Damodar interrogates Marina and uses the tentacles in his mind to advantage her knowledge.

Ridley and Snails smash into Damodar's citadel to rescue Marina, whilst Norda and Elwood stay at the back of. After Ridley and Snails decide to break up up, Ridley reveals and rescues Marina, however Snails is faced by means of Damodar after he finds the map and a combat ensues between the 2 with Damodar gaining the top hand. When Ridley and Marina arrive, Snails throws the map to his comrades, but at the fee of his personal existence as he's killed by means of Damodar before being thrown off the citadel. An infuriated Ridley attacks Damodar to avenge his pal, however Damodar disarms him and stabs Ridley with his personal sword. Marina grabs a few magic dirt and creates another portal to get away with Ridley. Profion and Savina's factions determine to struggle for manipulate of Izmir the usage of magic.

An elf heals Ridley in conjunction with Norda's infantrymen. Marina unearths Ridley and tries to assist him get over the dying of Snails, however Ridley, still feeling remorseful of his friend's dying, furiously chastises her for leaving Snails to die in preference to saving him. After a short argument among the 2 wherein Marina convinces Ridley that Snails' death became not in vain, they finally reconcile and become love interests. Ridley uses the "Eye of the Dragon" to enter the tomb containing the Rod. It is held by using a skeleton that involves existence and tells Ridley he is Savrille, now cursed for looking to manage crimson dragons, and "Anyone who wields the strength of the Rod shall suffer a terrible fate".

Damodar arrives to scouse borrow the Rod and returns to Sumdall. Ridley and his friends pursue Damodar while the Empress and her Gold dragons war Profion's Mages. Damodar presents the rod to Profion, who gets rid of the monster from Damodar and makes use of the Rod to summon Red dragons, which begin to win the combat towards the Gold Dragons. Ridley duels with Damodar with a new magic sword and efficaciously wounds the latter before finishing him off by hurling Damodar off the citadel wall to his dying, eventually avenging Snails. He then attacks Profion, who disarms him and shoves him lower back. Ridley's partners arrive and fight Profion one after the other. Ridley alternatives up the fallen Rod, and uses it to prevent the Red dragons. Marina encourages Ridley to apply the Rod to convey Profion down, however Ridley, figuring out the Rod's power will corrupt him, refuses and destroys it. Empress Savina arrives and condemns Profion, who fights her with powerful magic, however she summons a Gold dragon which devours Profion, finishing the battle and Profion's reign of terror.

Ridley later visits Snails' grave with Norda, Marina and Elwood and will pay tribute to his fallen comrade. When he locations the "Eye of the Dragon" on the grave, Snails' call disappears, and Norda tells Ridley no longer to question his skills. Norda then makes use of the "Eye of the Dragon" to move Ridley to any other region in the world wherein his buddy might watch for for him, together with herself, Marina and Elwood.Cast[edit]

  • Justin Whalin as Ridley Freeborn, a rogue/thief
  • Marlon Wayans as Snails, a rogue/thief
  • Jeremy Irons as Mage Profion
  • Thora Birch as Empress Savina
  • Bruce Payne as Damodar
  • Edward Jewesbury as Vildan Vildir
  • Zoe McLellan as Marina Pretensa
  • Kristen Wilson as Norda, an elven ranger
  • Lee Arenberg as Elwood, a dwarf fighter
  • Richard O'Brien as Xilus, chief of a thieves guild
  • Tom Baker as Halvarth the Elf
  • Robert Miano as Azmath
  • Tomas Havrlik and Stanislav Ondricek as Mages
  • Martin Astles and Matthew O'Toole as Orcs
  • David O'Kelly as Three Eyes
  • Kia Jam, Nicolas Rochette, and David Mandis as thieves
  • Robert Henny as Crimson Brigade
  • Roman Hemala as Council Mage
  • Andrew Blau and Marta Urbanová as elves
  • Jirí Machácek as Loyalist General
  • Dave Arneson makes a cameo appearance in deleted scenes

The earliest strive at a feature-duration model of a Dungeons & Dragons belongings via the important movie enterprise date to the early 1980s, as there has been a strong interest in generating a film primarily based on Advanced Dungeons & Dragons; Gary Gygax had numerous discussions with manufacturers and agents about the idea, and a screenplay with the aid of James Goldman obtained eyeballs from foremost studios. However, nothing befell this due to conflicts between TSR and the studios.[5] Dungeons & Dragons player Courtney Solomon, who had personal revel in with the amusement enterprise as a toddler due to the fact his mom changed into a manufacturing coordinator on television series filmed in Toronto, wanted to produce a film based on the sport on the grounds that 1990.Negotiations and funding[edit]1990–1997: TSR and studio offers[edit]

In 1990, Solomon contacted team of workers from Dungeons & Dragons's writer, TSR, Inc., under the guise of running on a school economics assignment; they informed him approximately studios within the beyond failing to supply a movie primarily based on the game due to having too little of an understanding of the RPG's X-issue. It took him 18 months to persuade TSR to set up negotiations, however TSR in the end agreed to it due to his in advance royalty being higher than different studios the business enterprise worked with, in keeping with vice chairman Ryan Dancey.[7] Solomon received an alternative from TSR after writing a 30-page concept showing how he could adapt the game and going via three months of "excessive" broking coping with the sport publisher.

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