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Bones 2001 movie launch day and synopsis

Bones is a 2001 American psychological scary movie guided by Ernest Dickerson and starring rapper Sleuth Dogg as the eponymous Jimmy Bones, a killed gangster that increases from the grave to avenge his fatality. The movie is an homage to blaxploitation movies of the 1970s and integrates numerous aspects from the category.


In 1979, Jimmy Bones is a numbers jogger that is respected and loved in his community as its respected participant and guard. He is betrayed and brutally killed by corrupt cop Lupovich and medication pusher Eddie Mack that after that persuade Jimmy's associates Jeremiah and Shotgun as well as his enthusiast Pearl to take transforms stabbing him to fatality. Later on, Bones' elegant brownstone building becomes his own burial place, and is shut.

The timeline flashes ahead to 2001, where the community has become review and Jimmy's brownstone building is a condemned ruin. 4 teenagers, Patrick, sibling Expense, their white step-sister Tia and their buddy Maurice, buy the property and they want to remodel it as a bar. At the same time, Tia discovers a black canine that is actually the spiritual manifestation of Jimmy's tortured spirit. As the canine begins to consume, Jimmy is gradually reanimated.

Patrick meets Pearl and her child Cynthia. Patrick establishes a love with Cynthia. Patrick wanted to open up a bar at the old review community in wishes of production the community great again, as well as to earn a profit. While exploring the cellar, Patrick, Cynthia, Expense, Tia and Maurice find Jimmy Bones' body and they recognize that he was actually killed. Patrick, Cynthia, Expense, Tia and Maurice decide to maintain Jimmy's murder peaceful or they will not have the ability to open up the nightclub and they hide the remains.

Later on Jeremiah, that is Patrick and Bill's dad as well as Tia's stepfather, discovers out about Patrick and the gang's plan to open up the club at Bones' old building. He fanatics out and demands that Patrick and the others leave the building. Patrick, Expense and Tia decline his request and open up the nightclub, despite their father's objections. On opening up evening Maurice is enticed right into an upstairs room where he is mauled to fatality by the spiritual black canine. Once he is fully reanimated, Jimmy sets the club on terminate and is intent on obtaining vengeance on those in charge of his fatality, those that betrayed him, and anybody that enters his way. Pearl's next-door neighbor Shotgun informs her how they should have shed the building down a very long time back. After the event, Pearl confesses to Cynthia that Jimmy Bones is her dad, as she had a connection with him.

Jimmy first faces Shotgun and eliminates him as a way to launch him of his distressed regret he attempted to maintain by ending up being an alcoholic. Patrick faces his dad Jeremiah and demands to know if he help murder Jimmy Bones twenty-two years previously. His dad confesses he betrayed Jimmy Bones to earn money to leave the community. Also, he obtained fed up residing in Bones' darkness and he wanted to be as popular and effective as him. Jeremiah enabled medications right into the community as lengthy he obtained spent for it. Later on, Eddie Mack is making love with his white sweetheart Snowflake. With Mack being among individuals that betrayed him, Jimmy faces him after murdering Snowflake and stuffing her body in a trash can. Jimmy decapitates Mack and does the same to Lupovich, but maintains their goings to life to transport their souls.

Pearl, knowing that Jeremiah is next, chooses Cynthia to his house to save him. They finishing up being far too late. Pearl, Cynthia, Patrick, Expense, Tia and Jeremiah's spouse Nancy watch him obtain dragged off by Jimmy, leaving only a melted opening in the home window. Jimmy brings Jeremiah back to the building, together with the goings of Lupovich and Mack. Jimmy sends out Lupovich and Mack to heck for all infinity while Jeremiah pleads for his life. Patrick, Cynthia, Expense, and Pearl go below ground to find that Jimmy Bones' body has disappeared. Pearl informs them that in purchase to put Jimmy to rest, they need to ruin the dress she used the evening Jimmy was killed which was hidden together with him as his blood which splattered into it still includes his spirit and is the just point maintaining him secured to the globe of the living. As they appearance for Jimmy, Pearl action in the lift which shuts and increases. On the other hand, Jeremiah asks Jimmy what he desires. He asks Jeremiah if he could give him his life back. When Jeremiah says he can't do that, Jimmy sends out him to heck for infinity.

Pearl obtains off the lift and strolls right into a room that's full of fired up candle lights. She has a flashback and Jimmy shows up, and places the bloody dress on her. Patrick, Cynthia, and Expense go to the second flooring where they see a ghostly Maurice, that leads Expense in the incorrect instructions where he is caught and eliminated. Patrick attempts to get to him but is far too late. Patrick and Cynthia make their way to the room where Pearl and Jimmy go to. Patrick knows it is a catch. As Cynthia is enticed to Pearl and Jimmy, Patrick hears his father's articulate in a mirror begging for help. When Patrick hesitates, Jeremiah chokes him. Patrick uses his blade to slice Jeremiah's equip off and he disappears right into heck. Patrick goes after Jimmy, that disappears and reappears behind Patrick's back a lot more demonic-looking. He grabs Patrick by his throat, as Cynthia pleads him to allow go. Pearl, recognizing what is happening, informs Jimmy she likes him before grabbing a candle light and setting terminate to the dress while still wearing it.

As Jimmy and Pearl both pass away with each other, Patrick and Cynthia make their escape, hardly production it out before the whole building collapses. Before leaping to safety, Cynthia is quickly drawn back right into the building by an unseen force. Outside, Patrick discovers an old photo of Jimmy and Pearl as Jimmy's face rely on him and says "Canine consume canine, boy." Far too late, Patrick recognizes that as his child Cynthia has Jimmy's blood within her, and transforms about as Cynthia, currently had by Jimmy smiles at him and, throws up a mouthful of maggots right into his face.


  • Sleuth Dogg as Jimmy Bones
  • Pam Grier as Pearl
  • Michael T. Weiss as Investigator Lou 'Loopy Lou' Lupovich
  • Clifton Powell as Jeremiah Peet
  • Ricky Harris as Eddie Mack
  • Bianca Lawson as Cynthia
  • Khalil Kain as Patrick Peet
  • Merwin Mondesir as Expense Peet
  • Sean Amsing as Maurice
  • Katharine Isabelle as Tia Peet
  • Ronald Selmour as 'Shotgun'
  • Deezer Decoration as 'Stank'
  • Garikayi Mutambirwa as 'Weaze'
  • Erin Wright as 'Snowflake'
  • Josh Byer as Jason
  • Kirby Morrow as Palmer
  • Ellen Stephenovna Ewusie as The Fatality Woman
  • Lynda Boyd as Nancy Peet
  • Linda Chow as Jeremiah's First Spouse
  • Boyan Vukelic as Young Investigator
  • Marcus Moldowan as Young Patrick
  • Chaka White as Foxy Woman
  • Primo The Canine as Bones The Canine
  • Alina Kaufman as Jenny (uncredited)

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